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    Amino Acid 10% Freamine 1000mL Now Available

    Amino Acid 10% Freamine 1000mL Now Available

    The long wait for Amino Acids is over! The McGuff Family of companies is pleased to announce the return of the highly anticipated Amino Acid 10% Freamine! This product has been on shortage since late last year. Ever since, we have worked diligently with manufacturers to keep up with the ongoing shortage and are happy to have this product available to you once again!

    Amino Acid is currently NOT an allocated product. You may purchase as much of it as you would like! Amino Acid Freamine is sold both individually and also in cases of 6 of the 1,000mL glass bottles. The product is readily available for purchase and the shortage has been lifted!

    It’s very exciting for us at McGuff Company to be able to supply our customers with the essential products needed to run successful medical clinics. We look to providing you with the Amino Acid 10% Freamine! Contact us today to place your order!