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    Not Your Typical Medical Products Company

    Not Your Typical Medical Products Company

    Not your typical medical products company

    Here at the McGuff Company, our goal is not just to sell products out of our warehouse. Sure, we can do that but we can do so much more for you as well!

    • We ARE NOT those sales representatives that talk to you just to earn your business and then forget about you.
    • We ARE NOT order taking robots. – Although we can be if you need to place an order real fast and shipped that same day!
    • We ARE NOT those people who have no idea how to use the products we sell.

    Our purpose is to put Customer Service back into the Medical Products industry! Not in the sense that we are just “nice to talk to” on the phones, chat, or emails. Our purpose is to get to know you and your practice; we want to be your partner through all the crazy regulations within the modern medicine world. 

    Pick up the phone or open a chat. Let us work for you!

    • Have someone new taking over the inventory management? Let us do all the crazy rocket science math for you!
    • Just starting out and need help figuring out what you need to get your practice up and running? We are more than happy to take the time to learn about your specific practice and get you set up for success!
    • Don’t know what the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) is? Have no fear! We will take care of it for you.
    • Having a hard time finding a product for a patient? Let us track it down for you!
    • Need an order shipped ASAP? We will run down a UPS truck to get it to you on time if we have to.
    • Having a bad day and just want someone to joke around with to lift your spirits? Give us a call, we can Google funny jokes with the best of them!

    Whether you need Medical Products or a drug compounded, the McGuff Family of Companies are here for YOU! We are real people working in the United States. Let us take care of your medical supply needs for you so that you can get back to the most important part of the Medical Industry; Taking care of patients!

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