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    Corporate History

    In the Beginning

    Astronauts walking on the moon when Gilbert J. McGuff founded the McGuff Company Apollo 16 astronauts were walking on the moon when Gilbert J. McGuff (Gil), decided to supplement his income by supplying innovative medical products to Bariatric physicians and patients. Gil founded the McGuff Company (McGuff) in 1972 and became its sole proprietor. While working fulltime and managing McGuff after hours, Gil still found the time to instill an entrepreneurial spirit in all three of his sons. Each son eventually started his own business.

    In 1979 Gil was approaching retirement and sold McGuff to his youngest son Ronald M. McGuff (Ron) who had been working for Procter & Gamble. Gil was hired by Ron as the first company employee and both Ron and Gil worked hard together to build upon McGuff’s early success as a nation-wide distributor of medical products. Ron’s first day working for the new McGuff was April 1st 1979.

    A new direction was taken to align the company with the medical profession’s leading innovators in complementary medicine. Understanding the needs of these extraordinary physicians became paramount for McGuff. The McGuff team visited complementary physicians around the country to understand the unique therapies provided to patients. McGuff molded itself to provide these physicians with the unique products they desired.


    Family and Veteran Owned

    McGuff was incorporated in 1982 and remains a family owned company.

    McGuff developed associations with the industry’s leading manufacturers to bring quality drugs and medical devices at discounted prices to complementary physicians. McGuff developed a number of services and products to address specific needs of physicians and patients. Among these innovations; Ascorbic Acid injection with EDTA (replacing Monothioglycerol), Osmolarity Software, EDTA dose calculating software, IV administration sets with internal filters, and McGuff/physician computerized inventory control, etc.

    The McGuff Company evolved to meet changing needs of complementary physicians and new therapies that they have developed. McGuff’s reputation for quality products, excellent customer support and regulatory integrity became known to a broad spectrum of physicians in the United States and around the world.


    Establishment of McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services, Inc.

    McGuff Pharmacy Fill Room

    Late in 1998 the McGuff Company evolved to meet market shortages of specialized injectable drugs by forming a wholly owned subsidiary, McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services, Inc. (MCPS).

    The McGuff management team decided to create a state-of-the-art compounding pharmacy that incorporated many unique attributes as; the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), Certification to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9000:2008 Quality Systems and fulfill the customer care policies that McGuff had built its reputation on. MCPS was conceived, designed and constructed to exceed all government and compendial requirements, establish and implement best-in-practice quality standards and be a model showcase for compounding pharmacy.

    Dedicated facility planning, equipment selection, equipment validation, process validation and ISO certification allowed MCPS to become a compounding pharmacy that has been recognized by its peers in national and international trade journals.

    MCPS also integrated the core characteristics of McGuff’s excellent customer support, accounting and regulatory integrity. Today, MCPS is recognized nation-wide as being a leader in the industry and an established, helpful resource for physicians and patients


    Customer confidence in compounding is key

    The production of quality compounded drugs requires a multitude of skill sets that require constant review, update and training. McGuff has internal audit / review systems to assure compliance to all appropriate standards


    Pharmacy management believes independent 3rd party inspection services are needed to provide both management and our valued customers independent evidence that MCPS meets the highest quality standards. These standards include quality of management, quality of the entire production process, facility environment, and quality of service.

    McGuff Compounding Pharmacy Services… the best fit for quality and value


    Establishment of McGuff Pharmaceuticals, Inc

    McGuff, anticipating profound changes to the regulation of injectable drugs, chose to launch a second wholly owned subsidiary, McGuff Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (MPI) in 2002.

    McGuff Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a Food and Drug Administration inspected sterile fill manufacturer that maintains a tradition of quality and a core competency in both current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and International Organization for Standardization Quality Systems (ISO 9001:2008), representing a unique combination for any pharmaceutical manufacturer.

    MPI sustains McGuff’s efforts to assure physicians a steady supply of FDA approved drugs through its own drug development program. MPI also provides contract manufacturing organization (CMO) services, contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) services and is international in it scope.

    MPI continues the McGuff tradition of providing personalized services, great customer care and the knowledge to be a valued member of any CMO or CDMO team.

    MPI maintains offices in the United States and Canada


    Establishment of McGuff Medical Canada, Inc.

    McGuff Medical Canada, Inc. was incorporated in May, 2008 to provide logistical support for McGuff Pharmaceuticals, Inc. approved drug products in Canada.

    Today the McGuff family of Companies represent a unique combination of quality products and services to support a diverse set of customers – world wide.

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    More About the McGuff Family of Companies

    More Than Sales and Service - We're Involved!

    Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak worldwide, the global demand for some Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is exceeding current supply availability.

    In addition, the manufacturing of the PPE and many other wound care/infection prevention products have been impacted by the global response to the Coronavirus. While you may see product availability reduction in the near-term, please be assured that we at McGuff Medical are continuing to work diligently to ensure an uninterrupted supply of products and alternative products to you.

    Additionally, in order to ensure healthcare providers have access to the PPEs they need, the McGuff Company is temporarily limiting PPEs to healthcare providers.

    As always, please feel free to reach out to our McGuff Customer Service team with any questions that you may have.

    Click here for updates regarding Coronavirus Pandemic and Your Supplies and a message from our President