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    New Website Key Features

    New Website Key Features

    In our effort to provide you with the best user experience and ease of ordering, we have completely overhauled our McGuff Medical Products Website. We would love for you to test it out and use the discount code MCGUFFVIP to receive a limited time 10% discount.


    Some of the key features that we have added are:

    Responsive Website


    Easily access the McGuff website across all devices with a standardized look and feel. The responsive web design allows you to access the website no matter where you are whether it is from home, the office, or while you are counting inventory in the stock room.

    Instant Search Filtering and Attribute Filtering

    There is nothing worse than a website that slows you down and keeps you from what you would rather be doing. Use either the search bar to find the specific products/groups of products you are looking for or use the category search to guide you to the products that you need.

    Suggestive Search

    It is as simple as just start typing and we will try to find what you are looking for before you even finish typing.

    Order History by Online Orders and Shipped Item History

    Don’t remember what you ordered last? Now you can access all of your previous orders and shipped item history orders with a click of a button. That way you can reorder what you have previously purchased without having to think twice about it.

    These are a few of the many new features that we have added with more instore for the near future as well that we are very excited about! Have a suggestion for something that you don’t see? Send us a message and let us know and we will be more than happy find a way to provide it to you!

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    McGuff Medical Products Team